Lahr, Wandern, Wickertsheimer Weg

Wickertsheimer Way

This art trail was conceived in collaboration with the Black Forest Association [Schwarzwaldverein] and the city of Lahr to commemorate the local Lahr painter Wilhelm Wickertsheimer.

Former clay oven factory, Kreuzstrasse

Walk through the historical heart of Lahr up to the Schutterlindenberg and return via Burgheim. The circular route ends at the listed building which houses the 'Süsses Löchle' café on the Friedrichstrasse.

Works by Wilhelm Wickertsheimer are displayed on 35 pillars along the side of the route. They depict places, houses and landscapes that the 'Lohrer Molersmann', as the artist was known, would have known in the first half of the 20th century.

The route covers approximately six kilometres, and is perfect for a longer afternoon walk of around two hours. There is also a two-kilometre city alternative.