Lahr, Chrysanthema, Blütenschau


During autumn, Lahr becomes a riot of colour, with a sea of chrysanthemum flowers stretching far beyond the city limits. Every year, visitors to Chrysanthema can enjoy a quite exceptional festival of colours and sounds.

Explore the historical centre as you take an unforgettable stroll past thousands of chrysanthemums arranged in a magnificent autumnal display of colour. More than 10,000 chrysanthemums in bright yellow, blazing purple and intense orange immerse visitors in a colourful spectacle of flowers.

No matter where you go in the centre of the town, you'll encounter chrysanthemums in the shape of fascinating flowerbeds, artistic floral cars and as bountiful cascades adorning the houses. A varied cultural and musical programme is on offer from Tuesday to Sunday on the marketplace, with well-known groups and unique performances.

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