Sightseeing in Lahr

Das Lahrer Wahrzeichen, der Storchenturm, als Rest einer alten Tiefburg steht mitten in der Stadt.
Quelle: Stadt Lahr
Lahr is a cosmopolitan and forward-looking city with an attractive old town. Everywhere you turn, there are sights to explore.
These sights tell Lahr's history in stone, but are at the same time the city's living history. They tell the tale of what the city once was, and embody its character today.

The sights include the remnants of Tiefburg castle, as well as the old city walls, which occasionally tower over the city. The artisans' houses on the Urteilsplatz, the grand 18th century homes of the bourgeoisie, and the monumental former barracks in sandstone, also bear witness to earlier times. For example, the prolific use of sandstone in the neo-historical buildings of the early 1900s is on very much the same lines as the barracks that were constructed in 1898/1902, which were in turn modelled on the Stork Tower.

Situated in the heart of the Rhine plain, between vineyards and the Black Forest, Lahr enjoys delightful surroundings. The city's unspoiled natural surroundings are perfect for locals and visitors alike to relax and enjoy some sporting activities. The warm climate and fertile soils supply a wealth of delicious regional products. Take your time to feast on traditional Baden cuisine and outstanding wines in one of Lahr's restaurants.

Explore Lahr on a 'Discover Lahr' sightseeing tour, where the brief commentary on the sights should give you an appetite to discover more.