Brudertal Tour

From the starting point, the route climbs up into the forest next to Friesenheim and to the Tafeltanne. There are then two different routes to the Brudertal chapel.

According to legend, the spring water there is said to cure eye complaints.

On the return, your exertions will be rewarded with a speedy descent.

Vollmereiche car park Alternative start and end from Lahr: Reichenbach

From the Vollmereiche car park, climb via the Holzgasse and Rappenfeld to the Tafeltanne. Descend to the Mohlbuck hut and then continue towards Lahr and the Pipelistein. Then cycle via the Robinsoneck to Kuhbach. Climb via the Brudertal to the Brudertal chapel, then carry on up to the Tafeltanne. From here, you can choose to descend back to the Vollmereiche car park. Alternatively, you can return from the Tafeltanne via Brudertal-Eck, Rauhörnle hut (Lotharstein) to Hohschluck. From there, it's downhill via Gansert, Langer Sudel on the level. From there, you have magnificent views over the Rhine valley. At the Dreiländereck, descend to the Lendersbach Hut and then via Im Loh, Talbrunnen and back to Vollmereiche.

Length: 28.5 kilometres Total climb: 870 metres Highest point: 583 metres Grade: medium to difficult