Stadt Lahr, Burgheimer Kirche

Burgheim Church

Burgheim Church is the most famous church in Lahr, and also one of the city's oldest buildings.
Das Bild zeigt eine Ansicht auf den rechteckigen Turm der Burgheimer Kirche mit den gotischen Schall-Öffnungen.
Quelle: Stadt Lahr

The original church on this site built in the early 7th century was one of the first stone churches on the Upper Rhine.

The current church dates back to an original construction in a Romanesque style (1035) with alterations and extensions from the 12th and 15th centuries.

The belfry of the rectangular construction has Romanesque openings for sound.

In the interior, there are wall paintings from the late 15th century, as well as some finds from the 7th/8th century and the 11th century.

Burgheim Church served as Lahr City Church until the late 15th century.