Welcome to Lahr...

...a great place to visit, live and work!

Lahr is an attractive industrial hotspot – set in the wonderful scenery of the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest.

My advice for your first visit to Lahr?

Explore the buzzling streets of our city center. Discover our town's amazing history in our brand new museum. Relax at the shores of the newly build lake and the beautiful recreational area that surrounds it. And finish the day in one of our excellent restaurants with typical regional food, refined with great locally sourced beverages such as the famous wine of the Rhine Valley and different sorts of german beer!

A wide range of cultural, social and sporting events take place in Lahr throughout the year. Whether you visit us in spring to treat your kids to a show at the regional puppet festival or in autumn to enjoy the delights of our three-week long festival Chrysanthema with your friends – we will always welcome you with a smile.

All the best,

Lord Mayor Markus Ibert


Markus Ibert has been Lord Mayor of Lahr since 2019. In this role, he leads the administration, acts as chairman of the local council, and represents the city of Lahr.


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Das Bild zeigt den Eingangsbereich des Kulturbüros unter den Arkaden des Alten Rathauses.

The KulTourBüro, the tourist information office for Lahr, can answer all your questions as a tourist.

The KulTourBüro is located in the historical Old Town Hall. You can find information there about all the local sights and ideas for excursions around Lahr. The staff there will be happy to help you design a programme tailored to your requirements.

Lahr offers accommodation in every category: from hotels offering every luxury, B&Bs, and idyllic holiday homes on farms, to private rooms and campsites in incredibly scenic spots.

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