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Lahr Airport can look back on a long history.

It first opened in 1913 as 'Zeppelinflugplatz Lahr', and from 1928 it served as a military airfield. It was the base for the French army from 1945 to 1967, and in 1952 became the NATO airport for fighter jets. From 1967, when Canadian NATO troops first arrived in Lahr, it was used by the Canadian Air Force until their departure in 1994. From 1996, it became a commercial airport.

Das Bild zeigt das Flughafengelände aus der Luft.
Quelle: Stadt Lahr

In 2012, the city of Lahr purchased the entire 201-hectare airport site, and in 2013 obtained the air traffic licences, the technical approvals, and the technical equipment.

A services agreement was signed with Industrie- und Gewerbezentrum Raum Lahr GmbH for the management of the facilities. Air operations are provided by Lahrer Flugbetriebs GmbH & Co.KG, whose Managing Director is Dr Martin Herrenknecht. Further information can be found at www.airport-lahr.de.

The 3,000 metre long, PCN 100 strength runway, and the right technical facilities, allow any aircraft in the world to land there.

The air traffic licences permit air freight of any size, passenger flights to the Europa-Park, and general flight operations of any type up to 20 tonnes. Any passenger flight is permitted on individual request. Lahr Airport was in 2000 an alternative airport to Strasbourg, and is frequently used by heads of state and government from numerous countries, for example for the NATO Summit in Kehl and Strasbourg, and the Pope's visit to Freiburg.

A main focus for Lahr Airport is corporate flights throughout southern Baden, in particular the Ortenau region and Freiburg.