Das Bild zeigt einen Bus der Schönberglinie der SWEG. Er fährt durch ländliches Gebiet. Im Hintergrund die Burg Hohengeroldseck

Leisure bus over Schönberg hill

The SWEG-operated 'Freizeitbus' (leisure bus) over Schönberg hill, which runs on Sundays and public holidays from the end of March to mid-November, offers another attractive opportunity to get out and about.

The leisure bus runs from Lahr via Kuhbach, Reichenbach, past the Schönberg hill and on to Biberach. So make the most of your free time with a trip to the Schönberg, and enjoy the magnificent views from the stronghold ruins of Hohengeroldseck. Or from Biberach, you can take the Ortenau suburban train further into the Kinzig or Harmersbach valleys, to Hornberg, Freudenstadt or to the Alsace metropolis of Strasbourg.

Please note that the leisure bus does not have a bike trailer, so you cannot take your bicycle with you.

Passengers must have a standard TGO ticket (single ticket or season ticket). Please note the different fares for seasonal buses: for example, the trip from Lahr to Biberach (Baden) on the Schönberg line counts as only three zones.