Bahn, Zug auf Gleisen


Das Bild zeigt eine Karte mit dem Verlauf der Rheintalbahn. Die Strecke zwischen Mannheim und Basel ist rot markiert, kleine hellrote Pfeile deuten Querverbindungen an.
Quelle: NordNordWest - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0
Lahr (Schwarzw) railway station connects Lahr to the Deutsche Bahn AG rail network.

The Rheintalbahn is today one of Germany's busiest railway lines, carrying passengers on local and long-distance routes over the border into Switzerland and to France, and as a freight route, forms part of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor between the North Sea ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and the Italian port of Genoa. The northern sections of the Rheintalbahn run from Mannheim to Heidelberg (KBS 665.3-4), from Heidelberg to Karlsruhe (KBS 701) and from Karlsruhe to Offenburg (KBS 702).

The new and extended Karlsruhe-Basel stretch will increase capacity with two additional tracks, and improve operational quality through the separation of the various types of traffic (local/long-distance passenger trains and freight).