Lahr, Geroldsecker Qualitätswanderweg

To the Hohengeroldseck Ruins

This very varied hike takes you from Reichenbach to the castle ruins of Hohengeroldseck and back.

The walk begins on a narrow path through mixed and light beech forest, largely following the edge of the woodland up to the ruins. The way back then passes over the Hörnlesgraben and past isolated farms into the Gereuter valley with its open meadows and grazing cows.

Reichenbach Friedhof (cemetery)

From the Reichenbach cemetery, Mathias-Breig path, Hohengeroldseck, Rauhkasten, Hörnlesgrabe

Lahr-Reichenbach Hammer Mill, telephone +49 (0)7821 / 977 923, chapel above Reichenbach, castle ruins, Bruckerhof rest point, telephone +49 (0)7821 / 72 15

Route covers 12 kilometres, three to four hours' walking without stops, difference in elevation 430 metres