Wandern in Lahr

From Hut to Hut

As soon as you are up high, this route leads you from hut to hut along a broad forest path.

All the hiking huts offer somewhere to rest and enjoy your own picnic. Or maybe you'd like to get a fire going in one of the fireplaces to cook your own sausages? No problem, but it's a tough decision: Bernhard Hut, Rauhörnle Hut, Julius Hut or even further to Gutta Hut, where refreshments are available on Sundays.

Free parking is available above Lahr Clinic

Pipelistein, Soldier's Grave, Tafeltanne, Ölbrunnen, Mühlsteinplatz, Hammer Mill in Lahr-Reichenbach

Day tour of approximately 12 kilometres, difference in elevation around 420 metres, four hours of walking excluding stops

From the Julius Hut, take a detour to the Gutta Hut (refreshments are available on Sundays, telephone +49 (0)7803 / 46 18) and return the same way