Administration Welcome to Lahr!

Oberbürgermeister Markus Ibert
Oberbürgermeister Markus Ibert
Quelle: Michael Bode/Stadt Lahr
Welcome to Lahr!
I wish you a warm welcome as you join us here in Lahr. There's lots to interest you here online, and in our attractive city:

Lahr is great place to live and work. Discover all the variety of opportunities that our attractive city has to offer you. Enjoy typical Baden hospitality, and a wide range of cultural, social and sporting events.

Kind regards

Markus Ibert, Lord Mayor



Das Bild zeigt das Rathaus 1 in Lahr, ein Gebäude von Hans Voß nach Entwürfen von Friedrich Weinbrennerschüler mit einer weißen klassizistischen Fassade mit und zwei Balkonen über dem Eingang. Im Vordergrund rechts und links roséfarbene Kirschblüten.
Das Lahrer Rathaus
Quelle: Stadt Lahr

Thinking and acting in the service of citizens and businesses is the motto of the City of Lahr administration. The main focus is on openness, determination and service.

Das Bild zeigt den Ersten Bürgermeister Guido Schöneboom. Er trägt kurze braune Haare, eine schwarze Brille und ein hellblaues Hemd.
Erster Bürgermeister Guido Schöneboom

Guido Schöneboom has been the second Lord Mayor of the city of Lahr since 1 June 2010. His remit includes the Office of Law and Public Order, the Department of Culture, the Office for Social Affairs, Schools and Sport, and the Office for Extra-Curricular Education. He is also the permanent representative of the Head Mayor. As head of Department II, Guido Schöneboom is in constant contact with citizens, council members, and municipal employees. The offices and functions assigned to Department II have a very direct and immediate effect on people in the city.

Das Bild zeigt Bürgermeister Tilman Petters. Er hat graumelierte Haare und einen graumelierten Henriquatre-Bart. Er trägt ein rosafarbenes Hemd und eine lachsfarbene Krawatte mit blau-weißen Punkten.
Bürgermeister Tilman Petters

Tilman Petters has been Mayor of the city of Lahr since 1st July 2014. His remit comprises urban planning, building management, civil engineering, public green spaces and the environment, environmental field office, geoinformation, property, as well as the owner-operated Bau und Gartenbetrieb Lahr (BGL), baths, utilities, transport, and sewage disposal.


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