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German Clock Museum Furtwangen

Die Stadt Lahr zeigt auf ihrer Homepage lohnende Ausflugsziele. Hier das Deutsche Uhrenmuseum in Furtwangen. Das Bild zeigt zwei Kinder, die mit großen Augen, eine historische Uhr bestaunen
Quelle: Deutsches Uhrenmuseum Furtwangen
The cuckoo clock is probably the most famous symbol of the Black Forest. The German Clock Museum in Furtwangen offers visitors an insight into a fascinating collection that marks the history and long tradition of measuring time, from the early 18th century to the present day.

Furtwangen in the Black Forest was once a main centre of the region's clock industry. A walk through the German Clock Museum brings this unique history of clock-making to life. The museum also houses the largest collection of clocks in Germany - more than 5,000 clocks from every corner of the world, and the world's biggest collection of Black Forest clocks.

Distance: around 60 kilometres

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