Reichenbach, Lichterfest, beleuchtete Hammerschmiede

Hammer Mill

The hammer mill in Lahr-Reichenbach is a cultural and historical jewel on the River Schutter.

There is evidence that the workshop's history of producing agricultural tools and machinery dates back to 1730. The city of Lahr acquired the historical site in 1978. Three years later, it underwent major renovation to be awarded its current status as a cultural and historical monument. Since 1997, the hammer mill has been maintained by the Reichenbach Black Forest Association, which invites visitors to explore the region's past. Memorable guided tours explain the type of work the mill was used for.

Das Bild zeigt einen Schmied mit einer Schürze und hochgekrempelten hemdsärmeln wie er ein glühendes Eisen unter einem großen Hammer schmiedet.
Quelle: Stadt Lahr

The top floor of the hammer mill houses the local history museum, where visitors can experience how people in the Schutter Valley lived and worked.

In 2007, a bee garden and bee hives were also opened at the hammer mill. An experienced bee-keeper will take you through the history and process of keeping bees.

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