Through the vineyards

This cycle tour takes you through the foothills of the Black Forest to Diersburg.

Cycling the foothills means constant ups and downs - never very drastic, but all the way. The route is therefore not very easy to ride, but offers great diversity as it passes through fields, grapevines, woodland and meadows. It is particularly rewarding in autumn with the resplendent colours of the vineyards.

Burgheim church

Keep following the blue and yellow mountain bike signs to Heiligenzell and on to Diersburg, returning via the Riedmühle restaurant and Friesenheim.

The Burgheim church in Lahr, the miniature village and bee museum in Diersburg, a detour to the ruins and to the Schuckenhof (where refreshments are available), the Riedmühle (restaurant)

Just under 30 kilometres without detours, a good two hours of cycling not counting stops. The constant climbs and descents mean it is not so easy.