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Triberger Waterfalls

Die Seite der Stadt Lahr zeigt eine Übersicht lohender Ausflugsziele in die Region: Hier die Triberger Wasserfälle.
Das Bild zeigt den Hauptfall. Das Wasser stürzt über Felsen inmitten einer grünen Natur. 

Quelle: Stadt Triberg
In the heart of the 'clock town' of Triberg in the Black Forest is a rather exceptional display of nature: Germany's highest waterfalls are set in pristine nature, and are a boost to both mind and body.

Here, you can still spot rare squirrels, and bird species seldom seen today. Boards with information about the natural environment explain how the power of the waterfall has been generating electricity for over 100 years, and the significance of deadwood and natural forest.

In the Schwarzwald-Museum (Black Forest Museum), you can learn about the history of the cuckoo clock and the region's history and customs, and see the collection of barrel organs and mechanical musical instruments.

Distance: around 60 kilometres

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