Lahr, Schutterquelle

On the Hünersedel

A decent hike into the heart of the Black Forest and up to the Hünersedel lookout tower, offering sweeping panoramic views.

A very diverse hike that takes in lush meadows, light mixed forests and dark pine trees. On reaching the summit, you will find the source of the river Schutter, and may want to take some refreshment at the Lahrer Hütte refuge.

Schweighausen, Eienweg

From Schweighausen up the Eienweg, Brettentaler Eck, Hünersedel, Höhenhäuser, return via Lahrer Hütte

Kniestein chapel, Hünersedel lookout tower and Ankelehütte refuge, Luegemol mountain inn, telephone +49 (0)7645 / 91 61 28, source of the Schutter with refuge and barbecue point, Lahrer Hütte, telephone +49 (0)7821 / 305 99, refreshments served on Saturday and Sundays

Medium day-long tour, a four-hour walk excluding stops, 13 kilometres, difference in elevation 450 metres