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Car-sharing is a modern, ecological and economical transport mode that enables a car to be used by more than one driver. It cuts costs and protects the environment. Car-sharing keeps you mobile and virtually as independent as with your own car.

In Lahr, the car-sharing company 'Gemeinsam Mobil Lahr' (GML) has two conventionally-powered cars, and in 2016 'my-e-car GmbH' introduced an electric vehicle for sharing.

Further information about car sharing is available from:

Gemeinsam Mobil Lahr e.V.

c/o Sabine Haas
PO box 1608
77906 Lahr


my-e-car GmbH
Chesterplatz 3
79539 Lörrach

Telephone: 00 49 (0)7621 / 916 58 53